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Your Quote

There are 2 ways to obtain your quote - using our online quote tool or by having a survey done at your home. We recommend having a survey done for any move over the cost of £200.

If you have a survey done the cost of your move is fixed. It is the surveyor's responsibility to assess the volume of effects accurately.

If you book in using only the online quote tool the cost of your move may be adjusted if your 'self assessment' is inaccurate. We aren't always able to complete a survey as we don't have surveyors available all over the country. In the event of us not being able to complete a survey you will be asked to provide an accurate list of the items that are to be moved to help us quote you as accurately as possible. We understand that it is dificult to include everything and especially to estimate how many boxes you will have filled once packed up and take this into account on the day of the move. Most people tend to underestimate the volume of effects so we allow approximately 10% error. Outside of this your quote will be adjusted accordingly.


Every van comes with £30,000 insurance cover as standard.

In the unlikely event that something is damaged it is at our discretion to repair or replace the item in question.

There is no excess to pay in the event of an insurance claim or cost limit per item.

Mirrored furniture such as bedside tables, console table and chests of draws are not covered by our insurance. Wall mirrors and free standing mirrors are covered by insurance.

Items packed by yourself into boxes are not technically covered by our insurance. However, we do take a common-sense approach to this and will happily compensate if it's obvious that items in a box have been damaged in the process of moving.

For a claim to be made we must be made aware of any damage or loss within one week of the move date.

Before any insurance claim is actioned your removals and/or storage bill must be settled.

Packing Service

Packing is charged at £90/hour for 3 men, which includes VAT and insurance. If you choose a packing service you will be given a time estimate for the packing to be completed. Although the actual time taken for packing may deviate from the original estimate again it is the responsibility of the surveyor to give an accurate assessment, so the cost is fixed. 


You will be given a fixed start time for your move which we always aim to meet. Whilst this is usually no problem at all for morning moves, we are sometimes held up by delays in money transactions during the process of buying and selling prooerties. This can occasionally mean that our afternoon schedules are compromised. If you have an afternoon booking and delays look likely, we will keep you well informed as to likely arrival time.


Payment for your move is usually taken on the day of the move or on the day of delivery if over more than one day, after delivery is completed. Payment options are by debit/credit, bacs transfer or cash. Moves of £1000 or over (inclusive of VAT) must be paid in advance of the move.


We require a £100, non refundable deposit to be paid for moves on Fridays. There is no deposit required for any other day of the week.